Sunday, February 7, 2010


This morning Madelyn and I joined Luke at church. It was so good to be there. To sit in the same pew as my hubby and worship together. Madelyn is at the age where she talks a lot so I wasn't sure how it was going to go having her in there with me (and taking a baby that stops breathing and turns blue to the nursery is not going to happen). I prepared myself for having to get up and walk out if she became noisy. She was an angel. Sure, she made a few noises, but she was mostly entertained by all the lights and people. I was so proud of her! We even went to the potluck lunch after the service and she just smiled at all the little munchkins that came to get a glimpse of her!

She wore the sweetest pink dress that her Aunt Kenda bought her last spring when we found out we were having a girl.
Seriously...I know I am biased...but I think I quite possibly have the cutest baby ever :)Tonight I headed to the youth Super Bowl Party with Luke while Madelyn cheered on the Saints with her Grandma and Grandpa. I am so thankful to be surrounded by family. I am not at a point (and honestly won't be for quite some time) where I will even entertain the thought of leaving Madelyn with a non-family member considering all that has happened over the last 4 months.

There were lots of students at the party. Lots of food. And the Saints pulled it off! I will admit that I didn't really care a whole lot about who won, but think it is pretty awesome for New Orleans!

For some reason my blogger account isn't working hopefully this post doesn't look crazy to you (if you can even see it at all)! I am going to have to do some trouble-shooting's sleep time for now.


  1. What a beautiful dress. Aunt Kenda did good work -- it looks like a perfect "going to church" dress, and Maddie looks like a little doll!

    Love, Nancy

  2. Such a cute dress! I'm so picky when it comes to Brooke's, can't find nice ones -- or maybe I don't know where to shop?

  3. Like I told you the other night I couldn't believe I was actually buying a dress for my own niece! I think she looks absolutely beautiful in it! I am so glad she was able to go to church with you! Hope to see y'all soon! Love yall!


  4. Beautiful dress on a beautiful baby! Yeah for getting to go to church! We haven't been able to make it yet but we are hopeful for this Sunday!


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