Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She did it...


Our nearly 5 month old princess rolled over yesterday!!

We were hanging out on the bed while Daddy was getting ready for work. Madelyn was on her back. I was laying there trying to wake up and babbling at the baby girl. Then it happened. She started to giggle...lift her legs...and then before I knew it she was on her belly! She looked around with big eyes as if she was thinking, "What in the world just happened?" The bed is a little more giving then the floor, but we are counting it anyway :)

Way to go, Madelyn Kate!!

The rest of the morning was spent hanging out with her Great Granny...
She even decided the whole tummy time thing was not so bad after all! She played on the floor on her belly for about 15 minutes and she really seemed to love it.After a wardrobe change thanks to her first ever major blowout (in her swing-which I discovered handles being washed surprisingly well), she enjoyed a long snooze on Granny.
Her new (as in new I mean for the last month or so) favorite thing to do is try to sit herself up. She gets pretty frustrated if she is laying back because she would rather be sitting up. The boppy gives her a little leverage to pull herself up. As I was looking through the pics from yesterday I laughed so hard when I got to this one...
She looked so startled.

Tummy time: round two! She was loving it again for about fifteen minutes! I love Madelyn's little half smile that she does all the time. I think she was admiring it herself in this picture.
With a little coaching from Granny she kept pushing up and turning herself.
It made me realize that all too soon she will be a busy girl on the move.
I am not sure I am ready for that!!


  1. Way to go Madelyn!!!

  2. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!

    Love, Nancy

  3. YAY MADDIE!!! I love your squishy little legs. :) And you have great style sense, girly! You might get that from your cute Mommy!


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