Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a little of this...a little of that

Monday night Madelyn did something that she has never done before. It's not exactly something she could have chosen to do for herself...but still something she had never done before. She slept flat on her back in her pack n' play. The last several nights she has been waking up throughout the night a little fussy and was not wanting to be put in her Nap Nanny. Luke suggested we try the pack n' play. I will be honest...I had my doubts. OK, so I pretty much told him it would NOT work, but put her in it anyway just to prove my point to give it a shot. Not only did she like it, she slept so peacefully! The best nights sleep she has had in at least a week!!! AND we woke up rested and ready to face the day!!!It was marvelous. Seriously. I could not believe she did not have any alarms sleeping flat on her back (as this usually makes her reflux worse). She was a bit more congested (also reflux related) but other than that, she was chipper and playful and back to her happy little self...Yesterday afternoon I went to Special Friend Day at my nieces' pre-school. It was so fun to see both of them in their classrooms with all of their friends. Emily's friends were so chatty and wanted to know everything about me. One of the little girls asked my why I did not bring my baby which was immediately followed by the biggest sneeze that left anyone in a six foot radius covered in yucky green stuff. I told her, "That's why. The baby does not need all those germs." She quickly replied as she licked her lips, "My daddy says the green ones are the best kinds to eat." Got to love five year olds! I helped ice cookies with Emily and make a Valentine's Day craft. After that I headed over to Alli's class where she was daintily licking the icing off of her cookie.Allison apparently already has a "boyfriend" and they give each other goodbye kisses. She's a looker, what can I say?

After a pretty low key evening with the hubs and the baby girl, I was thinking we would have a repeat of the night before. Lots of rest with Madelyn in the pack n' play. I was wrong. The poor thing had the most out of control gas that I have ever witnessed. She screamed out in pain constantly. The screaming fits were followed by the biggest toots you have ever heard a baby grown man let loose. Seriously. It was painful just listening to it. At about 1 am we gave up on sleeping in the bedroom and headed for the recliner. It was not much better in there but at least I could comfort her more quickly. She is still a bit gassy and fussy this morning, but I am hoping it passes soon (no pun intended...I promise).

I have a few projects up my sleeve this week. They aren't my desperate attempts to avoid the mopping and cleaning that needs to be done. Not me. My homemaker duties always trump silly little heart day projects!

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