Thursday, February 11, 2010

The past two days, I have not felt the best. I attributed it mainly to exhaustion. After the last 8 hours of being sick...I no longer attribute it to exhaustion. Yesterday Madelyn was not a good eater at all. She maybe ate for 5-10 minutes total all day which combined with the awful gas filled night she had the night before, led me to believe she may not be feeling the best either. When we made it home last night from running a few errands, a surprise trip to see Luke and the students at church and a quick visit with my hit me. It's never fun being sick...but being a mom and being sick=miserable (I don't know how single moms do it). I am pretty sure that despite the "March 24" date on the lunch meat I have eaten for the last two days (the duration so far of my feeling like junk), the green shiny stuff I discovered on it tonight probably indicates some lack of freshness.
My husband is amazing. He took care of the babe all night (who would naturally sleep right on through for her Daddy) so that I could hang out in the bathroom and rest in between. She is such a Daddy's girl already...

It's now 7am and I still feel pretty blah, but MUCH better than just a couple of hours ago. Madelyn took about 4 ounces in a bottle just a bit ago, so I am thinking she is feeling a little better too.

It just started snowing a few minutes ago. Unlike most of the country, it probably won't stick, but it is gorgeous while it lasts. Here is the view right now out the front door...

and from the deck out the back door...

I am hoping for a better day and considering boycotting sandwiches for a while. Or at least inspecting them thoroughly for shiny green stuff growing on it before partaking of it. Hopefully Madelyn eats better today. I am sure her little tummy did not like the shiny green stuff either. Sorry, Maddie Kate.


  1. OMGoodness, i just love knowing how beautiful everything is in your world. I saw Luke the other day, and just reminded me how precious each of you (3 ;p) are!
    Come visit me sometime...
    Keep in touch, keep this world a beautiful place.


  2. So sorry that you aren't feeling 100%. Cold weather mixed with overall illness just isn't a good match. The snow has been a wonderful reminder of God's creativity, hasn't it?

  3. awe look at her little bib -- too cute! %%


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