Saturday, February 20, 2010

{past, present, future}

Dear Madelyn Kate,
This week has been long. I feel like I have been going non stop. Although you command my attention when we are home, this is the first time since you entered this world that I have been this busy with activities that did not involve poopy diapers and making sure you are fed. To be honest, it has been a much needed rejuvenation. Refreshing to Mommy's spirit. This does not mean that I love you any less, but as Daddy puts it, Mommy needs to feel like "more than a walking refrigerator".

Aside from all the "stuff " that busied most of our week, this weekend I got the chance to take pictures at 3 events celebrating 20 years of Women's Ministry at Green Acres Baptist Church.
I am by no means a professional photographer, but the Women's Minister just wanted some good shots for memories sake. Friday afternoon I was sort of questioning why I committed to doing all 3 events considering I would have to leave you for all 3 of them. Your Daddy said he wanted the special one-on-one time and that I needed to spend some time doing something that I am passionate about (other than taking care of you).

I am so glad that I did.

The last event of the weekend was a Celebration Concert. The best part about and your Daddy came along! You decided you were hungry right after it started.
Your Aunt Rachel helped us find a private place to go so you could eat...but I really think you just wanted some good play time on the floor. Nothing seems more entertaining to you these days than your feet.
Eventually we emerged to enjoy the rest of the concert. The funny thing did not turn out to be a concert at all. Travis Cottrell (accompanied by his band via iPod) and 3 singers were there to give everyone a "good show". I think the only "show" they gave was this one back stage before it started...That's Linda Lisniewski (current GABC Women's Minister) and Chris Adams (former GABC Women's Minister) in the middle of Travis and his gang making crazy faces. I am pretty sure that is my favorite picture from the entire weekend.

Instead of giving a "show" or a concert...they led the group in an intimate time of worship. A time of thanksgiving to the Lord for all He has done. More than the show that people paid $10 to see...they were led to the throne room by an amazing man with an authentic heart for worship.
Madelyn, it was awesome. I had been so excited earlier in the day that this would be your first concert!! Your Daddy and I used to go to LOTS of concerts. I just knew this would be the start of toting you along to enjoy some with us. The evening was so much better than being able to say, "We took you to your first concert."
Even though you were asleep in Daddy's arms, powerful words were sung over you as you rested.
When I looked up at the screen as we were singing (a song that I have heard many times before) I was overcome with emotion. Sweet Madelyn, you were bought with the precious blood of Christ. As trivial as this may was the first time in your little life that I remember thinking about those words in relation to you.But it's true. Some day when you are older, you will understand what that means. The gravity of those words is still something that leaves me in awe of our Father. Now more than ever, knowing how precious the life of your child is, the sacrifice that was made for me and for YOU is one that I find myself breathless when thinking about.

In that moment, I almost lost focus of what I was there to do...take pictures! Ha!

I did take more pictures.
A lot more pictures.

The thing that I really wanted to tell you though about the weekend is this, Madelyn...

Through the course of this weekend...witnessing the celebration of a Women's Ministry...the impact that it has had on SO many lives...this picture means the most to me...
To me, it represents Women's Ministry past and present. One faithful servant who handed the torch to another. Although the one who "handed off the torch" is very much so an integral part of Women's Ministries across the country through her work at Lifeway, her local involvement at GABC is in days gone by.

Why does that mean the most to me?? It made me realize that what I do for the Kingdom (or don't do for that matter) is what will be handed off to you! When I felt the Lord whispering that to me through what I was witnessing this weekend I was burdened. Left wondering what impact I was really making. It was tough to even think about. I kept thinking..."but I can't do something this great Lord." Neither could they. It was simply the power of Christ in them.Some day we will stand side by side to take a picture. It will be a picture of life past and present. Right now, you represent the future. I want to be able to leave a legacy for you that is not only something that you will be proud of, but that will allow you to serve and minister in ways that you are gifted.

As you laid across your Daddy's arms during the worship celebration, God stirred my heart to do something for you. To do something for your future.
Although it was hard to spend several hours apart this weekend, I am thankful for the blessings I received as I captured some memories for these ladies with my camera.

I love you, sweet Madelyn.


  1. Even though they are not for us, they are for your sweet baby girl, THANK YOU for writing them and sharing with us. You inspire me most everyday, and I look forward to reading your blogs.

  2. so sweet Kathryn...crying here!


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