Friday, February 19, 2010

oh, friday.

Oh, Friday. You have come and gone so quickly. You were jam packed with fun. Now you have left us (until next week rolls around).

This morning Madelyn said goodbye to Great Granny Joyce as she headed back to Fort Worth to spend some more time with her sister. She will hopefully be back next weekend to see the sweet little girl again! Madelyn loved their time together. There were definitely lots of kisses and smiles. Who wouldn't want to kiss those cheeks?

After that we took a little family drive to drop Luke's Escape off at the repair shop. Boo. I think that's my least favorite thing to spend money on. We are praying for minor problems. (Yes. Praying for our car. Haha!)

When we got back to the house, Madelyn was snoozing in her car seat....with her hand holding her ear out as if she was trying to hear our conversations...

She slept just like that for at least 30 minutes. It was precious!

While Luke and Madelyn soaked up a Daddy/Daughter night, I had the chance to take pictures for a very special event. The Women's Ministry at Green Acres Baptist Church (where my sister works) is celebrating 20 years of ministry this weekend. They kicked off the weekend with an afternoon of reminiscing with the women who were a part of the original ministry.
My sister and the current Women's Minister at GABC, Linda Lesniewski.
It was so awesome to listen in as the women shared stories of the challenges they faced to get the ministry off the ground. They shared laughs about days gone by (and clothing and hair styles that were gladly left in the 80's). I cannot even really begin to process how God has stirred my heart from what I have been able to witness of this special celebration weekend so far. It was so awesome to see that this ministry did not grow in to what it is today over night. There were so many women (and men) who served faithfully and were open to what the Lord had in store. Things like this don't just happen. It started somewhere and these are the women (and man) that God used to do it...
I am looking forward to being able to witness, through the lens of my camera, what the rest of the celebration weekend has in store. I am thankful that I (and my limited photography skills) have been able to be a part in a very small way and blessed so much in the process!

After a quick run to the house to say, "hi" to the hubs and baby girl, my sister, sister-in-law and I headed to a baby scrapbook class! I had so much fun! I have not taken any pics of the layouts we made yet, but when I do I will have to share. I am the world's worst scrapbooker. I have all the supplies but rarely finish a project. This time it will be different. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Oh, Friday. Thanks for the fun. See you again next week.

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