Friday, February 12, 2010

{snow day}

Dear Madelyn,
When I woke up this morning and glanced out the window, I could not believe my eyes. This beautiful tree covered in fluffy white snow was the first thing I saw. It took my breath away. It made me think of how amazing God's design is. How thankful I am that He gives us scenery like this to enjoy...
Once I had taken a peek outside, I could not wait to bundle up, venture out and take pictures. Here was the view of the house (where you and your Daddy were still warm and toasty inside sleeping) from the driveway...The back yard looked like a scene from a winter wonderland. Snow capped trees as far as you could see. Limbs so heavy from all the snow that they drooped. It's so hard to even describe to you how gorgeous it really was. I had to go wake your Daddy up so that he could come enjoy it with me!As we had a little snow ball fight out back, I thought to the years ahead when you would join us...Of how you and your Daddy would have fun building your first snow man. Your first snow ball fight. Of course we may have to wait 20 years for that to happen considering it has not snowed this much (about 6 inches) here since I was three or four years old!! There will be vacations for that though!Playing in the snow with your Daddy this morning reminded me of last April when we took a little trip to Denver to visit BJ and there was the biggest blizzard there in recent years. You were still growing inside of me then. I remember laying awake at night in the hotel room in downtown Denver dreaming of your first real snow day. I didn't expect it to happen so soon.
I won't be surprised if some day our family of three lives in a colder climate. Your Daddy LOVES winter. I do too. I wouldn't want to live where it is always cold, but actual snow accumulation more than once every 20 years would be nice.

Your Aunt Rachel and I had to get a picture in front of the beautiful tree...
It was fun acting like kids and playing in the snow...
We came inside to warm up and not long after you woke up from a good night's rest. Recently you have discovered your Daddy's beard and love to rub it and giggle...Daddy stood with you by the back windows so that you could see the snow...He even made you a "Maddie sized snow girl"...But when he picked her up...her head fell off..."Always support the neck!"We took you outside for all of 60 seconds to snap a couple of pictures for memories sake...
You looked so cute in your hat and the mittens that were way too big for you...Your first snow day was one that you won't remember but that I won't soon forget. Although the snow is already starting to disappear as the temperatures climb, it was so much fun while it lasted. It was such a welcomed reminder of God's creativity. His handiwork.

I look forward to the years to come when we will be able to enjoy it together...hopefully it does not take another 2o years!

I love you sweet girl. Happy "snow day" to you!


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