Tuesday, February 23, 2010

just the facts

Yesterday morning was busy with getting Luke's car running again. Thankfully it did not cost us the small fortune that we had been quoted (and so far it is still running ok). Woo-hoo!

After taking care of the car, we went on a little family lunch outing to Einstein Brother's Bagels. It was so yummy. Madelyn just hung out in her car seat carrier and looked at all the people.
She kept flashing me sweet little smiles so I took my camera out in hopes to catch one. Every time I tried to take a picture of her, she would give me this look that said, "I am not going to smile for you."
From there we made a quick stop at a friend's house so that he could meet Madelyn. She was such a little sweetie and loved meeting Cody.
Cody is a good friend from high school and the lead guitarist for Luminate. They are playing at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio Friday night so if you are within driving distance you should definitely check it out.

How cute are they together?? Madelyn quite possibly could be Cody's youngest fan! We probably should have him sign something to help fund her college education some day!
When we made it back to the house, Madelyn was ready to play. She loves sitting in her high chair these days. Give her a few toys and she entertains herself (usually long enough to cook dinner and clean up around the kitchen).
She constantly jabbers when she is sitting there and
I love having her in the kitchen with me.
Yesterday she did not stay in there long because my sister had some company that wanted her to hang out with them downstairs. Luke worked from home all afternoon and evening while I made deer chili and cornbread and Madelyn hung out with Leah
and James
and my sister and Ashleigh.

It snowed from about 10am-8pm at our house. It did not really begin to stick until early afternoon, but it was more fun to watch than rain! I can't believe how much snow we have gotten this winter. Only once that it actually accumulated enough to really play in, but still...we have had more than I can ever remember from years past.

Last night when Luke and Madelyn were talking on Skype with Luke's parents, they were goofing around and entertaining us all.

The other night Luke caught Madelyn's bedtime babbling on video. Every night when Madelyn is just about asleep, she all the sudden opens her eyes wide and starts to babble. It is so funny and so hard not to laugh.


  1. She is JUST the cuteset thing! I loved this post! A day in the life...

    Kathryn, you guys have the sweetest little life, and I know that's because you are so committed to God's best. It's fun to read about.


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