Saturday, February 6, 2010

love for books

This is by far one of my very favorite activities we do together. You love to be read to and always seem actively engaged. Your eyes get so BIG when I turn the pages. Your tiny little hands grab at them. I hope you continue to have a passion for reading and being read to. The written word can be such a powerful thing.


  1. I've started reading to Kelsey at night and I think she digs it too! I love that and she has been "talking" so much lately. Some may call it cooing but I call it, trying to figure out how to talk like mommy! LOL Seriously, I will say something and then she will try forming her mouth like mine and then she goes for it. So far, of course, no words just super cool sounds but I'm so proud of my lil' two month old! We miss you two!
    -Lori and Kelsey

  2. I read to Emma a lot, but it is so fun now that she independantly takes the book, sits down and "reads" it on here own. She will talk and mumble, point and turn pages and it is just so precious to watch!
    I love Madelyn's eyes in that picture-she is just studying that book! Reading is so much fun!!

  3. you have a beautiful family -- if you don't mind me saying! I first saw the photo of you little one with a book & thought to myself -- hey Brooke just loves to read, what's this about? I just love reading to her, book after book after book ... after book... after book :D

  4. Spencer loves to read. We tell him to go get a book and he goes straight to his book box and picks one out. Mostly he likes books that he can open the flap or something. One of his favorites is called Where is Mommy? and it looks for mommy all over the house. We just got it a few weeks ago, and even though he has lots of other books with flaps, he almost always brings me this one. What a cuty!


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