Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love the weekend.

I love the weekend.

One reason I love the weekend is that Saturday mornings have been designated by Luke as my time. He and Madelyn hang out at the house while I get to do whatever I want. This usually involves getting out with my mom. Grocery shopping. Browsing every single ailse at Target. You know, the wild, adventurous stuff that moms do in their free time. Even if it is just to Wal-Mart, I enjoy it. This Saturday morning I tagged along with my sister-in-law, Marlo and blog friend, Jennifer to a local photo studio for a one-on-three crash course on the manual settings on our DSLR cameras and a few fun photoshop techniques given graciously by the owner of the studio in order to brush up on our momarazzi skills (yes, I realize that was a major run on sentence). He suffered through all of our my unintelligent questions and answered them with a smile on his face. You could tell he genuinely loves photography. I was able to take a few things away from it...mainly that the manual settings won't be conquered over night and that Motophoto is a great place in Tyler to get your pictures printed!

Another reason that I love the weekend is that our house usually has more people in it!

Friday night my nieces spent the night. We all watched the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics and as a little girl always dreamed of being an Olympic figure skater or gymnast. My hopes of being an Olympic figure skater were dashed at the Galleria in Dallas when I could not even stand on the ice, much less gracefully twist in the air. Instead I passed on that Olympic dream and decided to cheer on Kristi Yamaguchi in her more promising endeavors. I came closer to fulfilling my Olympic dreams as a gymnast when I attended one semester of gym class at Gym Tyler when I was maybe 6 or 7. I was pretty spectacular. Dominique Moceanu got nervous when I stepped in to the gym, but I let her have the spot light and again passed on my Olympic dreams to cheer her on. I loved watching as Emily imitated the dancers on the TV and thought about how she too will probably share in those same dreams that I had. I think it might be every little girl's dream to be an Olympic figure skater!

Saturday afternoon while I was baking some yummy treats for Luke to take to the students on Valentine's Day

Madelyn hung out down stairs with my sister and her friend, Ashleigh.We also put together cute little Valentines for Luke to give to each of the girls that were wrapped around a few flower stems.
Between the baking and the flower Valentines, I got my crafty fix for the week. It was lots of fun. I am sure I enjoyed it way more than the students.Today Madelyn looked so cute in her "My First Valentines" outfit. She loves having her Aunt Rachel around!
My mom offered to come over tonight so Luke and I could get out for a bit and go grocery shopping. We took her up on it. While she and Madelyn played at the house, Luke and I went to Starbucks then headed over to Target. I love that store. Once I realized that I could get all the groceries that we needed from there, I was so excited that we would not have to venture in to Wal-Mart.

I do love the weekend.

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  1. I can see a difference in your photos already! Those manual settings can be overwhelming, but just keep on shooting. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn (and sometimes, the "mistakes" turn out to be the best shots of all!).


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