Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[it never changes]

Last night, Madelyn fell asleep in my arms. It's the first time in a long time she has snuggled up with me to fall asleep. She usually does better if we lay her down while she is awake in her Nap Nanny or swing. Last night however, she must have known I needed some good snuggle time. She fell asleep in my arms at 8:30pm. I couldn't bring myself to lay her down. Not to blog. Not to clean up from dinner. Not even to brush my teeth (too much information-I know). I was enjoying holding my peacefully sleeping baby too much. We (Luke was on the couch since we were in the living room) did not move to the bed until after 1 am. She ate for about five minutes and then slept on through. There were no alarms. No screams. Just a slightly congested (she gets that way when her reflux is really bad) baby, sleeping sweetly. I am so thankful that her day yesterday (although she wasn't her usual self-but is anyone who is going on 3 hours of sleep?) and her night were a complete turnaround from the one before.

I am thankful for your prayers on our behalf. Your continued encouragement and commitment to pray for us has been such a blessing in this season of our lives.

I sent my mom a text this morning to let her know how her night was. She sent me one back reminding me of the power of prayer. I thanked her for her constant encouragement.
She said, "You know that feeling you get when you look at Madelyn? It never changes."
Sweet girl, Mommy loves you and that will never change.


  1. Great news!! I meant to tell you yesterday that if you had tried everything else, key lime pie might work :)

    Love, Nancy

  2. You have one smart momma! I'm so thankful that "it never changes" b/c I can always count on my momma. And I'm with you...every time I look at Kelsey, I am overwhelmed with unconditional love and happiness! I love that that will NEVER change!

    Keep up the good work lil' momma! Love you! -Lori

  3. Oh, your momma is so right! I am so glad Madelyn had a snuggly night with you. It never gets old when they want to do that. I will stay up late and let Emma sleep on me even though I have to be up in 4-5 hours. I can't get enough of her :)
    I just want to let you know how wonderful your blog is. You have such a wonderful faith and YOU encourage me! I am glad I found your blog and am able to get to know you and your sweet hubby and adorable daughter! God Bless!


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